Hristo Smirnenski
blok 70, entrance A, 
floor 9, apartment 23, Sofia, 1000

exhibited at:

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 - South London Gallery
2018 Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art - Liverpool John Moores University  
The still life has traditionally been used to depict inanimate objects; often part of an artist’s surrounding or the environments they are living in. I saw the still life as a potential template for a new form of storytelling.

This work is part of a series that takes the rules of composition found in the style of the nature morte and uses them as a method for evoking emotion and narrative. By using computer-generated imagery I have generated a hyper-realistic depiction of a post-communist scene located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In this still life, I have specifically focused on communicating a feeling of disgust. My intention is to make the viewer feel disgusted by observing the unusual interactions that occur between the objects in the composition. In order to achieve this feeling of abjection, I have experimented with manipulating the object's physical attributes out of the ordinary realm of understanding.