George Stamenov b.1988, Sofia, Bulgaria


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M: 00447999029177

A pixel sun casts shadows of objects long forgotten...

A pixel sun casts shadows of objects long forgotten...
M: 00447999029177

The idea for the “Glance of Death” project was inspired by medical articles on postmortem spasms. I read an article in a science magazine about the process of death. Every human body experiences spasm throughout muscles spasm immediately after death. This phenomenon is called rigor mortis. After death, muscle fibers stiffen for one last time. The exact rigidity of muscles shapes the way the body touches the ground and lays at rest, excluding external factors. I became fascinated thinking of this post-mortem process that sculpts the final position of our bodies. This project is a series of twenty-five 3D printed human figures capturing the beauty of the dead human body. I interpret this process as the last “animation” of our body. As an animator and a visual artist, I am fascinated by the way our bodies react and mechanically function.